The ultimate quality of our productions is as a result of intelligent editing, great attention to detail, and creative use of music, captions, graphics and other effects. We use two full-spec editing workstations running the latest industry-standard software to power through the projects. We host videos privately or publicly on a Vimeo Pro account, and find this facilitates access and review by client organisations anywhere in the world. The security of our client’s data is ensured via a rigorous backup and redundancy data management system.

Video Editing

Video editing is the process of taking all the raw data captured from our cameras and seamlessly combining it into a neat final product. We take great pride in this process and always want to produce a polished piece for our client. As well as sequencing the video, we set the sound levels, introduce any titles or graphics needed for the production, and also applying colour grading across all of the video files.
“The professionalism and quality of their product is truly remarkable and I would have no hesitation in recommending Adamedia to others. Thank you Adamedia, you have set the bar at a very high level”
Mike Starkie Elected Mayor, Copeland BC

Motion Graphics

For certain projects, adding motion graphics can add another dimension and enhance the final video produced. Graphics including simple 2D or 3D animations, are useful to illustrate and convey a message where there isn’t any video content available.

“My home company press team were really impressed with the quality of the video, and they are a multi-million pound utility business who have many films like this made on their behalf. It was excellent value for money”
Jane Wilson Business in the Community

Photo Editing

We process and edit all the photographs we take within Adobe editing software to achieve the best result possible. Photos are often shot in ‘RAW’, preserving more detail in the image, but then requiring processing in the software before they can be used as 'JPEGS’ online or in brochures.

“Their professional and friendly attitude along with their passion for their work is reflected in their work. We will be using the video as marketing material along with the still photographs that they took for us. Thank you once again.”

Lucy Hoban Marketing Co-ordinator, Energus Conference Venue

Photogrammetry Processing

Orthophoto data, captured from an aerial mapping survey, must be processed in order to deliver final outputs for clients to view and analyse. This product is usually a 2D or 3D map.



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